The Spa

We pride ourselves in offering the most luxurious of experiences for all our guests, with an outstanding service for up to 18 guests. Our spa offers innovative and restorative treatments designed to de-stress, relax and revitalise.

Spa inclusions:

  • In-house therapist providing a range of holistic and therapeutic treatments
  • Sauna/ sanarium using aromatherapy oil infusions to balance your system

Our in-house therapist creates a tailor-made experience to suit your individual needs, or simply choose one of our carefully designed treatment packages. Experience your own spa journey with one of our wonderful restorative packages; tranquil and holistic, easing tensions and restoring energy flow. Perfect for rejuvenation and indulgence.

Enjoy a refreshing glass of Champagne under the stars or a detoxifying moment in our oil infused sauna.

Refreshing herbal infusions to round off your experience are restorative and soothing. Retreat into heavenly massages and blissful therapy experience at Ferme de Montagne.

A full list of all our treatments can be found here